If you are buying your new car from a dealer the easiest thing for you to do, is to trade your old car in. However, this is not always the best course of action from a financial point of view. To decide you need to find out from the dealer what the cost of the new car is with and without trading your old car in. Then, find out how much your old car would be worth if you sold it privately, this way you will know if you will lose any money by trading your car in. Most dealers will negotiate over the price rather than lose a sale.

Bear in mind that selling a car privately can be a lot of hassle and take quite a long time. Also if you let the dealer take your car it becomes their responsibility. This means that if there are any problems with your old car the dealer has to sort them out with the new owner. Avoiding all that potential hassle is actually worth quite a bit of money.

If you feel that by trading in your old car you will lose too much money ask your dealer to sell your old car for you. Not all dealers will do so, but the majority will. They charge commission for doing so, but it is usually only a small percentage of the final price. Some will even do it for a fixed fee.

If your car is really old and of very little value you could consider giving it away to a friend or charity. You can also give it away on recycling websites. If you do this make sure that you give the person a receipt that they sign too. This ensure you are not held responsible for any fines accrued by the new owner. Also consider selling it for parts on e

Bay or via your local paper. If you can break the car down into components and sell it piece by piece you can sometimes get quite a bit for it after a bit of work and time.

Lastly, consider scrapping rx350 car covers will do it for free. However, remember that the firm that you use must be on the Environment Agencies list of Authorised Treatment Facilities. Make sure you get the proper paperwork to avoid costs and liability for fines relating to the car not being scrapped properly.