Managing to find a date is relatively easy. Repeating the date more than once can be more difficult, and you can often end up not seeing your date again after the first couple of times. So, how can – snapchat usernames make the transition from one-date-wonder to part of a longer-lasting relationship? It may be that you’re not suggesting the right places for your dates. It helps to go to places that will interest your date – reflecting their interests or hobbies; alternatively, try somewhere completely new to both of you.

That way, you share a first experience and such things are the building blocks of a longer relationship. So what should you take her to, you ask? Here are some suggestions:

– Museums & Art Galleries: Is your date an art lover? Interested in history or culture? These can be the perfect venues for an early date. A good museum or gallery is just the place where the two of you can talk while going around. You can share your views about the various exhibitions and take the conversation from there. Nearby coffee shops and wine bars can extend the date into extra time.

– Paddleboat rides and rowing boats: Weather permitting, you can take your date to a public lakes and rent a paddleboat. The two of you can share an intimate moment together, just talking and getting to know each other. If natural waterways are your preferred habitat, go down to the river and hire a rowing boat. If you’ve never rowed before, this could be an entertaining afternoon

– The Zoo: A day at the Zoo will definitely bring out the child in anyone. Like many major tourist attractions nowadays, Zoos cater for a wide range of visitors, so you can take a walk in the woods or admire the surroundings from the elevated position of a viewing platform. Take a picnic and make a list of the animals you each really want to see before you go – and plan something casual for dinner because you’ll be worn out!