Logitech is a computer company famous for its products in technology world. They make computers, mice, headsets, keyboards and many more gadgets. Logitech makes this products for everyday usage or for something special, like gaming. We will talk about gaming mouse from Logitech and that is G500.


Logitech G500 is black in the sides and has some grey pattern on the middle which is rather unusual. Both colors and pattern are going great with piano black buttons and red LED lighting. This pattern gives him unconventional look and it is easy to recognize among other mice. About the comfort. This mouse hasnt changer a lot when we are talking about former Logitech models. Part for thumb has less support than former models and that isnt the greatest thing. The material isnt soft and rubberized so that is a difference. https://www.fortygeeks.com is very comfortable mouse, but unusual for Logitech company. If you like large gaming mice, this is the one for you.

Logitech G500


There are 10 programmable buttons on this mouse; 3 thumb-buttons, 2 to adjust DPI, 2 main buttons and four-way scroll wheel. All buttons are easy to reach and have great place on the mouse. There is a possibility to accidentaly switch buttons when gaming, but that is very rare. G500 has te ability to adjust weight to improve your game performance. You get 6 weights of 1,7 g and 6 of 4,5g. Materials in this mouse are great quality and this is one good product. On this mouse is three-bar red LED indicator which shows you the level of sensitivity. You can have 400,800 and 2 000 DPI on this mouse all you need to do is adjust it. One downside on this mouse is memory. It only has 8kB of onboard memory, enough for a single profile, but you can save other profiles on your hard drive.